Agile Sprint Planning Process

Agile Sprint Planning

Client: St John Head Office

Date: August 6, 2018

Categories: Agile

One of the key ceremonies under Agile Scrum, Sprint Planning frequently occurs at the start of a delivery sprint. The Sprint Planning session gives an agile delivery team the ability to create their sprint backlog and the tasks required to deliver it (the plan).

This is the recommended Agile Sprint Planning process at St John. In order to get the best value from Sprint Planning, it is important to come prepared and avoid too many cooks and not enough support for the Development Team.

We had to recommend some team agreements to ensure that there was a clear process that led the development team through the process of Sprint Planning.

This slide is individualized to St John. The process, however, can be applied to other organizations once their team agreement is put in place. Please contact me should you want a more customized sprint planning process visualized.

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