Agile – The Daily Stand Up Slide

Agile - The Daily Stand Up

Client: St John Head Office

Date: August 20, 2018

Categories: Agile

There is a lot of valuable information on the net already in terms of the Daily Stand Up Agile Ceremony. This slide is a generic collection of what a daily stand up is, and some of the more common problems faced by maturing teams when participating in the daily stand up agile ceremony. And I have used it in the past to set up the right expectations with teams moving into Agile.

The most common problem faced by teams who are new to Agile stems from a learned behavior of giving status updates to project managers and team leads. Agile spins this on its head by encouraging the scrum masters to become proficient Servant Leaders and to coach the team to take accountability and responsibility of the daily stand up.

It can take a while for positive results to show through and good coaches need to teach both the team and the stakeholders on the importance of the purpose of the daily stand-up and who it’s for (hint: it is not for the stakeholders).

It is also a great opportunity for Scrum Masters to identify when Sprint Fatigue is starting to set in and apply some proactive remediation before it starts impacting the teams and disrupting the teams’ flow of work.


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