Building Correctly vs Building the Correct Thing

Building something correctly vs building the correct thing. Agile Mindset implemented correctly delivers to both sides.

Product Owners defines what needs to be delivered, Architecture determines the feasibility and how the products will be delivered and finally the Development team will do the actual delivering.

Things can go awry if all three key parties are not communicating,  empowering and trusting each other. Architects, in particular, can have a huge impact in defining what enablers need to be in place for the Development Team to work against. However, they should take into account expert feedback from the team in terms of tools and techniques  (and not consider themselves as the only experts in the team) otherwise, there is a huge risk of over-complicating the solution for the sake of using bleeding-edge technology.

Additionally, getting your products in front of customers is so darn important to ensure that you are delivering to their expectations AND can adapt accordingly to any gaps. The whole premise behind a great Agile mindset is soliciting for and accepting early feedback from the customers. Immature product owners will frequently see the release of minimal features to have a negative impact on the customers, but provided that expectations are properly set, customers are the single most important source of feedback that the Development team can use to deliver something the customer expects and needs.

The Product Owner while being the business and market expert is still not the customer. 

And in saying all that, strive to deliver in as cool a way as possible 🙂 After all, the journey matters too! 🙂

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