St John Demand to Delivery Agile Framework

Client: St John Head Office

Date: August 6, 2018

Categories: Agile

Assisted St John with recommending a new Demand-to-Delivery framework visual for their Digital Transformation programme.

The Framework was an adaptation of the Scrumban Agile framework. However, the terminology used was decidedly non-agile due to the lower agile maturity of the organization. The organization, being primarily waterfall, is shifting from a directive delivery model to a more lean, agile and flexible delivery model, with the Digital Programme being the first major cab off the ranks and used as the blueprint going forward.

You may notice some differences (in terms of pushing into the teams sprint queue instead of allowing the team to pull from the backlog. This was an interim measure to slowly change the behavior of the team.

Feel free to contact me should you require a similar visual framework created!

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